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Technology of obtaining quasi-crystalline surface by means of laser alloying of aluminium alloys
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Technology of production of quasi-crystalline covering in the conditions of ultrahigh speeds of cooling melt which is reached during laser alloying, in surface layers of aluminium alloys, 50 - 200 microns of depth, allows to receive complex multiphase heterogeneous structure containing quasi-crystalline phases. Average value of microhardness in laser alloying zone ten times exceeds microhardness of an initial alloy, and high adhesion provides its hightened wearing capacity.
Опис пропозиції:
The method of receiving of quasi-crystalline covering by means of laser alloying is new. Its advantages are in locality of usage, possibility to create necessary surfaces in previously set places of ready-made items, carrying out the process without protective atmosphere or vacuum, without contact. Rise of physical-mechanical characteristics of aluminium alloys by laser alloying method occurs due to the heating of the part of the surface by laser high above temperature of fusion and into the melting zone there are input alloying components (chemical elements in a certain proportion). As a result the covering with chemical structure is generated that differs from the basic metal. Thus the nature of hardening of surface layers is determined by unique morphology of co-existing phases as a result of peculiar features of the structural organization method, hightened density of defects of a crystal structure, dispersion of blocks, high concentration heterogeneity, and as well as by formation of a unique phase structure which includes quasi-crystalline components. It provides high hardness of the processed surfaces and rises the basic operational properties – heat endurance, wear resistance etc.
There is experimentally realized laser alloying of aluminium by a mix of powders of copper and of some transitive metals (iron, cobalt, chrome, nickel). It provided the chance to create a high adhesive covering with the structure containing super firm disperse quasi-crystalline phase. Thus microhardness of covering, in case of the use of powders of copper and iron, 50 times exceeded microhardness of the basis almost. Besides, there is settled a considerable rise of wear resistance of surface layers. Authors have long-term experience in scientific and research sphere in issues concerning laser processing of metals and alloys (the evidence of that are the patents of Ukraine and numerous domestic and foreign scientific publications.
Інновації і переваги пропозиції:
There is proposed the method of production of a wear-resistant surface that is simple from the point of view of technological realization. It is non-contact, does not require additional (except the laser with capacity of necessary density) equipment, can be used to increase the properties of surface layers of ready-made items.
Додаткова інформація (технічні подробиці)
For execution of alloying, depending on specific tasks, there can be used both continuous gas Со2-lasers, and pulse solid-state ruby ones or YAG-lasers. For optimization of the process of processing it is also possible to apply two- or three-dimentional table.
Технологічні ключові слова:
Покриття; Обробка поверхонь (фарбування, гальваніка, полірування, хімічне та фізічне осадження з газової фази); Метали та сплави; Лазерна технологія; Мікро- та нанотехнології, пов'язані з фізикою та точними науками
Короткі коди сфер ринкового застосування:
Матеріали із спеціальними властивостями: виробники і виготівники; Спеціальні метали (вкл. процеси для роботи з металами); Промислові послуги
Поточна стадія розвитку:
НДР, лабораторні випробування
Права інтелектуальної власності:
Патент отриманий
Коментарі, дата і номер патенту, якщо є:
University is the applicant and the owner of the patent of Ukraine № 40911 on useful model (received in 2009) «Method of production of quasi-crystalline coverings of aluminium and alloys on its basis».
Тип потрібної співпраці:
Ліцензійна угода; Спільна подальша розробка; Випробовування нових застосувань; Адаптація до потреб замовника; Адаптація технології на нові матеріали; Фінансові ресурси
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Investor, customer, co-executor
Сфера діяльності партнера:
Mechanical engineering, aircraft- and automobile building.
Задачі, що стоять перед партнером:
Tasks the partner is dealing with: financial assistance of developments, introduction in manufacture.
Країни, яким надається перевага:
Ukraine, the USA, Germany, South Korea, Japan, France, England, Russia.
Вид організації:
State higher educational establishment
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Дослідний інститут / Університет
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> 500 співробітників
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