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The method of contactless acoustic control of geometrical parameters of materials and products
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Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has developed a method for non-contact acoustic monitoring the geometrical parameters of materials and products
The proposed technology is recommended for use towards the "development and exploitation of deposits", "Drilling", "Transport and storage of oil and gas", "Information technology and communication."
The author is looking for investors and partners for cooperation.
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Advantage of the contactless methods of geometrical parameters of acoustic control materials is in the possibility of measuring a certain distance from the object under test, with a medium to create acoustic coupling between the piezoelectric transducer and the object of control used by the air. With this method of transmission of acoustic energy major problems is a significant mismatch acoustic impedance piezoplate, air, and the material, as well as the high value of the attenuation coefficient of ultrasonic vibrations in the air. As a consequence, the energy loss of the acoustic oscillations can reach more than 150 dB.
The proposed technology of contactless acoustic control of geometrical parameters of materials is based on the integrated use of matching layers to reduce the energy loss of the acoustic oscillations and artificial neural networks for processing flaw information. The use of matching layers made of certain materials and have calculated the thickness, can reduce the energy loss of the acoustic oscillations at the interface between the piezo-air to the level of sensitivity of the transducer. Developed a method for processing information based on the flaw of artificial neural networks can clearly localize masked by noise and echoes to determine the geometrical parameters of the structure.
The advantage of the proposed technology is the ease of implementation, the relatively low cost and high accuracy. This design allows the use of non-contact transmitter, industrial ultrasonic flaw to generate and receive acoustic vibrations. High accuracy in comparison with existing analogs, provided elevated (up to 1 MHz), the operating frequency of the converter.
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Innovativeness of the proposed technology of contactless acoustic control the geometric characteristics of the materials is the integrated use of the developed methods to reduce energy losses of the acoustic oscillations by matching layers and modern methods of processing information based on the flaw of artificial neural networks. Danae technology is an improvement over existing methods of monitoring the geometrical characteristics of acoustic materials and can be used to create advanced flaw detection systems. The technique of determining the geometric and physical characteristics of the matching layers of piezoelectric transducers can be used to create new materials (including piezo), as well as the design of ultrasonic transducers for inspection (thickness). The methods of handling flaw information can be used to construct recognition systems and the detection of weak signals or masked by noise in the inspection, radar, signal transduction, on the other. The main competitive advantages of the proposed technology is the ease of implementation, the relatively low cost and high accuracy. This technology can be implemented based on existing enterprise systems, ultrasonic flaw detection, and a personal computer. It can work automatically in real time with simultaneous recording of inspection results, and if necessary make adjustments to the manufacturing process during production of parts.
Додаткова інформація (технічні подробиці)
The operation of measuring the thickness of a standard for technical diagnosis, and its value is included in almost all the design expressions to determine the carrying capacity of the structure. Among the existing methods of nondestructive testing of metal thickness of the elements of the most effective and widely used is acoustic.
However, when using the traditional technology of acoustic control, the need to ensure quality of acoustic contact with the object of the converter control through contact fluid, significantly narrows the scope of the use of acoustic control method reduces productivity and makes it impossible to use on parts with complex geometries and porous structure, steel structures, working at high temperatures, ie at sites where the converter will not allow contact with the specimen or the contact may affect the material properties, as well as at facilities providing traditional ultrasonic contact impossible.
Solving the problem of control of these facilities can be found by using contactless methods of excitation and transmission of ultrasonic waves without the use of acoustic fluids. Non-contact methods of excitation of acoustic oscillations extend acoustic control, increase the speed and volume control, reduces the cost of control in general.
The proposed technology is already developed by the relative simplicity of technical implementation and unique processing of measurement data using the algorithms of artificial neural networks. It extends the capabilities of existing systems and non-destructive testing can be used in various industries that require fast and without interference in the operation of the equipment to measure the geometric parameters of the constituent elements.The main direction of the company are oil and gas profiles, as well as consumers of natural gas
Технологічні ключові слова:
Електронні схеми, компоненти та обладнання; Аналіз / Методи та установки для тестування; Хімічне тестування матеріалів
Короткі коди сфер ринкового застосування:
Комп'ютерне програмне забезпечення; Прикладне програмне забезпечення; Устаткування для нафтогазового буріння, розвідки та видобутку; Інші нафтогазові засоби
Поточна стадія розвитку:
Макет, дослідний зразок
Права інтелектуальної власності:
Патент отриманий
Коментарі, дата і номер патенту, якщо є:
Тип потрібної співпраці:
Ліцензійна угода; Розробка і виготовлення на замовлення
Тип шуканого партнера:
Research institutes, design organizations, businesses, investment funds
Сфера діяльності партнера:
Oil and Gas Industry
Задачі, що стоять перед партнером:
Investment (50-70 thousand euro) for the corresponding production of an established five experimental batch at once.
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Ukraine, Europe and the CIS
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Організація / Тип компанії:
Дослідний інститут / Університет
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> 500 співробітників
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Івано-Франківський національний технічний
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