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Technology for Production of Intercalated Redox Battery
University of Lviv offers the optimal technology for the production of intercalated redox battery which relates to electric double-layer capacitors.
The technology does not provide the special requirements for safety and labour protection. It doesn't cause harm to the environment and doesn't require the use of expensive and toxic materials

Intercalated redox battery can be used in various fields of electronics and electrical engineering
Flexible Technology of Compatible Obtaining of Hydrogen and Sulfur Types by Hydrogen Sulphide Decomposition
Lviv University offers the technology for obtaining polymer and/or fine-dispersed sulfur as well as hydrogen.

The technology enables to reduce the number of technological process stages, selectively obtain the necessary sulfur type on one istallation and can be applied in petrochemical, chemical, food and construction industry, and agriculture.

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Technology for Receiving Diesters of Dicarboxylic Acids – Plasticizers and High-Boiling Solvents
Lviv University offers the technology for receiving diesters of aliphatic dicarboxylic acids and alcohols of normal and iso-structure.

The diesters are widely used in various industries including food, perfume, and as raw material for polymer synthesis.

A joint use of the catalyst and organic additive allows to achieve a higher final product yield and reduce the process duration.

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