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Precondition and methodological principles for the creation and development in Ukraine network of technological transfer
V. Lysenko D.S., S. Egorov Ph.D.
The article describes the methodological basis for building in Ukraine network of technological transfer. While building a network is proposed to use European and Russian experience in implementing similar projects, taking into attention features of the national innovation system.
Article Received 28.01.2008, and published in the journal "Mathematical Machines and Systems, 2008, № 1, pp. 46-51.

Ukrainian network technology transfer UTTN gaining momentum
In April 28, 2009 with representatives of the national executive government there was a presentation of regional technological transfer centers for innovation development Agency (STT RCID).

Particular features of making technological mediation in Ukraine
Ganna Prantenko, Ph.D., Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after M. Tugan-Baranovsky, a leading economist DU SEC Reactivelectron "NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk
The article is based on analysis of determination of technological and shows peculiarities of the formation of technological  partnership network in Ukraine. It also shows that the experience of online technology transfer in other countries can be used in Ukraine to create a similar national network of technology transfer. This will result in the transition to a qualitatively different level of the whole process of commercialization of new technologies in the country.
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Analytical magazine East »№ 7 (98) October 2009 pp. 66 - 70. Article Received 25.09.2009.
Original article:

Technological brokerage. Legal aspect
S.O. Egorov, Y.V. Lukyanenko
Law of Ukraine "About governmental regulation of activities in technology transfer" of 14 September 2006 (hereinafter - the Law about Technology Transfer) introduced a new determination in the Ukrainian legislation - technological broker.
So part 1, statement 15 of Law about Technological Transfer established that individuals and legal persons which establishing document mean such activities and which staff list includes at least one technological broker ) must pass the appropriate state accreditation and obtain a certificate of accreditation for providing mediation of technology transfer on permanent and / or a professional basis in the (technology brokers.
Now the question is whether the legislator has created new institute in the legal field of technology transfer. Let’s consider this question in details.

Construction national innovation technological transfer network in Ukraine
V.S. Lysenko, S.O. Egorov
In literature there are few definitions of the term "innovation network". Yes, in Russia in the innovation project "National innovation network" [1] there is identified innovative network as an integrated Internet portal designed to provide collective work with a maximum accumulation of information that provides various interactive services for the user, working within a web Site.
In article [2] Innovation Network is defined as an entity of separate objects on the base of partnership and contract, it is an open economic system, which consists of many independent units.
After analysis of various sources and opinions on this issue, the authors offer definitions follow below.
Innovation Network - a complex organization and (or) suborganizational structure provides maximum use of available scientific and technical resources for the production and sale of goods and services for innovation, production and human resources based on a single communication and information space.
After this in work as an example of building a national innovation network will be considered national network of technology transfer NTTN. Suborganizational NTTN network structure shown in Figure 1.

Creation of regional innovation systems in Ukraine as a precondition for effective technology transfer example Kharkiv region
In conditions of global competition, innovation factor determines the paradigm of economic development and provides economic security of any country. Sustained economic development is ensured only innovation, while economic growth may show even passive innovation monopoly corrupted economy. Technology can play an important role in regional development, thus, very urgent problem is creation such regional policy, when local power, business and research structures are working together and implement measures to create more favorable conditions for technological companies which are active in technological transfer. As a result, high-tech industry clusters arise where the necessary infrastructure is built, exists skilled labor force and economic incentives.

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