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1. Who can be the participant of National technology transfer network?
Companies, organizations and establishments disregard of the form of ownership (taking into account the limits set by legal acts) in particular:
  • Scientific, research, project and design organization working as innovation structures;
  • Educational institutions working as innovation structures specializing at preparing and raising the level of innovation structure specialist’ basic skills.
  • Manufacture companies implementing scientific, research and design works results and inventions.
  • Innovation funds, commercial banks and insurance companies.
  • Entrepreneurs providing legal services, services in the field of scientific and technical expertise, management, marketing, transport, advertisement, publishing and informational activity.
  • Other subjects of innovation activity and technology transfer.
2. Can foreign legal entity be included to the National Technology Transfer Network?
Yes, foreign legal entities can be included to the National Technology Transfer Network as its partner.
3. Can consortium, association or technological parks be included to the National technology transfer network?
Existing in Ukraine technology transfer networks can be included to the National Technology Transfer Network in person of their coordinators on the rights of NTTN segment.
4. How can one become a participant of National Technology Transfer Network?
To be included to the the National Technology Transfer Network a potential participant of  NTTN submits an application form of the NTTN participant (partner) to the 
National Coordinator and sets with the latter contractual relationships. National network participants must be certified according to the Regulations approved by National coordinator.

5. How can one become a client of the National Technology transfer network?
Any person or legal entity who has filled out and sent a technological request or a proposal to be placed in the network on the address of the NTTN participant can become the client of the NTTN. According to the NTTN set procedures a participant and a client set legal relationships and sign contracts about technology transfer services.
6. Can one be the participant of several technology transfer networks?
Yes, you can.
7. How can one raise his/her level of skills in the field of Technology Transfer?
Special seminars are held for the participants and organizations that are going to work at the NTTN during which professionals of the organizations receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills using UTTN electronic platform, modern technology transfer tool.
8. Is it possible to work with Russian and other technology transfer networks without being a participant of the National Technology Transfer Network?
There are no limitations to this.
9. If I am the member of the UTTN can I be the participant of the National Technology Transfer Network?
Yes, you can.

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