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Aqualung device able to produce air out of water and under water.
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Анотація пропозиції:
The constructor from Kyiv offers his knowhow of the device that is able to produce air out of water and under water, the main purpose of which shall be the usage as diving and rescuing equipment. The main advantage of this knowhow is the absence of the necessity to resurface in order to recharge air.
The creator searches for persons and companies who would be interested in purchasing this knowhow.
Опис пропозиції:
At the moment the main problem that people come across when it comes to professional or amateur types of scuba diving is the necessity to have and to preserve the sufficient amount of air. This also includes the usage of technical means (bathyscaph, submarine). Eventually the situations endangering the lives of people who are under water arise.
This knowhow eliminates this problem because with the help of the technical device that is able to produce air out of water and under water there is no need to resurface from time to time in order to recharge air. Artificial “gills”.
Electric version – I. Or mechanical device – II.
The simplest constructions.
This device is one-and-only technical model. There is a natural analogue.

The purpose of the knowhow is rational safety of:
- divers and aqualungers
- bathyscaphs and submarines
- aqualifts and rescue capsules
- underwater workships, aqualaboratories and other underwater structures.

- Frequent balloons blowing from stagnant stale air is required.

The special purpose of knowhow is to raise submarines, sunken ships and cargos. The rescue of the crews of submariners, seafarers and ship passangers. Ministry of Emergency Situations’ Service during floods.
Інновації і переваги пропозиції:
The advantages of the device:
1. Self-charging. Unlimited term of staying deep below surface. Is delivered with autonomic accumulator.
2. Aqualung is equipped with the device meant to produce air out of water below water.
3. Durable.
Additional blocks complex:
1 – Underwater Air Producer out of water below water.
2 – Gas separator. Purifier, gas filterer.
3 – Compressor of air self-compressing into balloons.
4 - Accumulating energy mini-generator.
Додаткова інформація (технічні подробиці)
The knowhow set constitutes of:
1. Drawing, image, draft.
2. The description of models (of I and II types).
3. The explanation of the functioning peculiarities and device construction.

Is given out upon the arrangement.
Технологічні ключові слова:
Спорт і дозвілля
Короткі коди сфер ринкового застосування:
Вироби і послуги для дозвілля і відпочинку; Інші вироби і послуги для дозвілля і відпочинку; Туристичні агентства і послуги
Поточна стадія розвитку:
НДР, лабораторні випробування
Права інтелектуальної власності:
Секрети виробництва (know-know)
Коментарі, дата і номер патенту, якщо є:
Тип потрібної співпраці:
Ліцензійна угода; Фінансові ресурси
Тип шуканого партнера:
Manufacturing companies of diving and rescuing technique, munition and equipment. Private investor for customers and buyers search.
Сфера діяльності партнера:
Manufacture of technique, munition and equipment for underwater works.
Задачі, що стоять перед партнером:
Testing and commercialization of knowhow.
Країни, яким надається перевага:
All countries.
Вид організації:
Inventor (private person)
Організація / Тип компанії:
Inventor (private person)
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