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Technology of ecologically safe termochemical destruction and partitial utilization of reduction of volumes accumulated on the territory of dangerous wastes- forbidden for usage, improper chemical mea
Invention relates to environmentally friendly ways of stable organic contaminators demolition and can be during burning of unsuited or forbidden for usage of chemical means of plant protection and similar to them organic substances. Achievement of technical result underlies complete and safe decomposition sustainable organic contaminators by incineration and providing with utilization of chemical warmth, which carries in by SOC under economy of primary fuel and environmental protection.
Method and Technology of toxic leachate disposal of solid waste (MSW).
As a result of the investigations Ukrainian State Scientific and Technical Center "Energostal" and the National University of Water Management and Natural Resources proposed technology and plant for wastewater treatment Landfill. Inventions can be used in the utilities sector and various industries. The technology is based on the most effective use of biological treatment and sorption methods.
Technology for Production of Intercalated Redox Battery
University of Lviv offers the optimal technology for the production of intercalated redox battery which relates to electric double-layer capacitors.
The technology does not provide the special requirements for safety and labour protection. It doesn't cause harm to the environment and doesn't require the use of expensive and toxic materials

Intercalated redox battery can be used in various fields of electronics and electrical engineering
Technology for Copper Zinc Catalysts Processing with Obtaining Conditioned Copper and Zinc
Lviv University offers the technology that enables to recycle waste copper zinc catalysts, for example CO type (carbon (II) oxide conversion) with obtaining conditioned copper and zinc of 99.98% to 99.99% purity.

The obtained copper is used in electrical engineering and zinc for the production of alloys, aluminum oxide is used in the manufacture of ceramic products for various purposes.

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Flexible Technology of Compatible Obtaining of Hydrogen and Sulfur Types by Hydrogen Sulphide Decomposition
Lviv University offers the technology for obtaining polymer and/or fine-dispersed sulfur as well as hydrogen.

The technology enables to reduce the number of technological process stages, selectively obtain the necessary sulfur type on one istallation and can be applied in petrochemical, chemical, food and construction industry, and agriculture.

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Technology of Electrochemical Processing of Secondary Pseudo-Alloys Based on Tungsten Carbide, Obtaining Ammonium Paratungstate and Nickel (Cobalt) Salts
Lviv University offers the technology for secondary carbide material processing that enables to process waste carbide materials and obtain valuable products such as ammonium paratungstate. It is the main raw material for the production of metal tungsten and its salts.

Nickel and cobalt salts are obtained as by-products that can be used as agents of these metals.

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Effective Technology of Non-Reagent Water Purification of Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Substances with Receipt of Dispersed Sulfur
University offers the technology for water purification from hydrogen sulfide that allows to carry out the process without reagents and obtain dispersed sulfur as an additional product.
The proposed technology enables to purify industrial and natural waters without the formation of by-products.
During the purification process the valuable product - fine dispersed sulfur - can be used in agriculture, tire and rubber industry.
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