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Conception & Methodology
National Technology Transfer Network (hereinafter referred to as NTTN) is built according to the methodology and models of European Innovation Relay Centers – IRC network (EEN – since 2008), Russian Technology Transfer Network RTTN [1,2] and Ukrainian Technology Transfer Network UTTN [3].
The project of creating the network is intended to unify informational resources of state, public and private innovation structures of Ukraine, companies, institutions and organizations into one technology transfer network and its further integration into the European Network EEN.
Principal tasks of NTTN are:
  • Transfer of technologies, know-how between science sectors and industry.
  • Search for partners and investors for cooperation to develop and implement scientific advanced technology product in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Organization of NTTN cooperation with Russian, Belorussian and other international technology transfer networks.
Main principals of creating NTTN [1]:
  • Unity of formats. Technological information used by participants of national network for exchange between one another is given in one format.
  • Compatibility with EEN (IRC) and RTTN. Working techniques as well as formats of technological inquiries/offers in NTTN are compatible with those of European network EEN (IRC), Russian network RTTN and Ukrainian network UTTN. Unity of formats of Ukrainian, Russian and European networks creates conditions for efficient cooperation.
  • Professional participants of technology transfer process orientation. NTTN foresees transfer of network working techniques to existing subjects of innovation infrastructure. Such organizations already have clients database to provide technology transfer services.
  • Incoming information quality control. Quality and authenticity of information in technological inquiries are ensured by the right to place information in the network’s database only by certified network participants who are responsible for the data content and quality.
  • Network openness for new participants. Active process of attracting new network participants allows providing the clients with unique possibility for advancing their technological offers/inquiries not only in Ukraine but also abroad. NTTN consists of state and non-state network segments.
NTTN consists of the state and non-state network segments.
Network segment is a legal entity of any organizational and legal form created according to the legislation (“A” type segment) or a group of legal entities acting according to the joint activity contract without creating a legal entity and without joining up shares of its participants.
Type “A” segment consists just of the administrator of NTTN segment.
Type “B” segment activity is coordinated by the administrator of the segment. It consists of a few NTTN members operating according to the joint activity agreement without creation of legal entity and without merging its participants investments.
National network participants can be any companies, organizations and institutions disregard of their forms of ownership (taking into account the limits set by legislative acts), in particular:
  • Research along with project and design organizations working as innovation structures.
  • Educational institutions working as innovation structures or specializing on preparing and raising the level of innovation structure specialist’ skills.
  • Manufacture companies implementing scientific, research and design works results and inventions.
  • Innovation funds, commercial banks and insurance companies.
  • Entrepreneurs providing legal services, services in the field of scientific and technical expertise, management, marketing, transport, advertisement, publishing and informational activity. 
Foreign legal entities and international organizations can be partners of national technology transfer network.
Existing in Ukraine technology transfer networks in the person of their coordinators or those created by the initiative of either national coordinator or subjects of innovation activity can be included to the national technology transfer network.

To enter the NTTN potential participant applies to the national coordinator and sets with the latter contractual relationships. National network participants must be certified according to the Regulations approved by National coordinator.

The activity of the national technology transfer network is directed by National network coordinator. Development and maintenance of the NTTN web-site, its Centralized Databases (CDB) is carried out by national coordinator or by another legal entity on the instructions of the first.
Certified by NTTN its participant gets the status of the certified national technology transfer network participant.
“A” and “B” type segments coordinators cooperate with National coordinator according to the provisions of the contract and regulations of NTTN.
Administrators of the National network “B” type segments are obliged to coordinate the activity of the segment they represent according to the contract and their own regulations.
All participants of the NTTN must follow the principals and methodology of the national technology transfer network.
Further development of organizational, legal, methodological, informational and communicative platform and other provisions for NTTN are performed by National coordinator with other partners.
National coordinator operates and signs contracts on behalf of NTTN, sets and approves regulations and procedures for NTTN participants cooperation, coordinates national segments of the international technology transfer networks. 
Profile types of the Centralized database:
  • technological offers;
  • technological inquiries;
  • innovation proposals;
  • innovation products;
  • R&D proposals;
  • R&D inquiries.
Profiles in the NTTN are presented in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.
Access to the centralized database of NTTN for clients is free, but participants can place the requests in central database only in accordance with regulation of NTTN. All technological requests and suggestions are accompanied by a technological broker in the person of one of participants of national technology transfer network.                                  
Any person or legal entity who has filled out and sent to the NTTN participant address a technological profile to be placed in the network can become the NTTN client.

Special educational seminars are held for the participants and organizations that are going to work at the NTTN where specialists of the organizations receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills using electronic UTTN platform, modern tools of technology transfer.
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