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The method of producing immunogen from tuberculosis mycobacteria (BCG)
Higher educational establishment (Ukraine) proposes the project for producing immunogen from tuberculosis mycobacteria (BCG). The immunogen is appropriated for production of polyclonal antibodies in high titer and can be used for laboratory diagnostics of tuberculosis. Due to its high efficasy the method allows to reduce the period of antibodies production 2-20 times. It is harmless as compared with analogues. The organization looking for investors for continuation of the research effort.
Technology-based development bioregulator nitrogen and seroproizvodnyh nitrogen heterocycles
National University (Ukraine) has developed technology to create bio-regulators on the basis of nitrogen-and nitrogen-containing heterocycles seroproizvodnyh that can be used in veterinary medicine and agriculture. The technology provides a low-cost drugs a diverse range of biological effects. The University is seeking investors and partners including the pharmaceutical and chemical companies, universities and agricultural companies to continue research and implementation projects.
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